Pink wall with red text which says ouch. Text looks like it has been written in lipstick

I tried out a floatation tank and all I got was this lousy vagina pain

June 6, 2019
I would start by saying soz to any friends or family who think this is TMI. But I don’t care if you’re uncomfortable. I was bloody uncomfortable lying in that tank. I had a very painful experience, and because people don’t wanna talk about stuff like this, a lot of…

I gave stand-up comedy a go. Stand-up, sat down.

April 7, 2019
Got 5 minutes to spare? Want to see how hilarious I am? Check out my first ever stand-up comedy set here! I’ve always enjoyed watching stand-up comedy, and I love making people laugh (who doesn’t?), but I don’t think I’d ever really considered actually trying it for myself. Until…