South-East Asia

Photo shows sunset with blue and orange sky, over Phi Phi Pier, with water and palm trees

Koh Phi Phi Don: a guide

September 14, 2019
NB: All information and prices in this post are based on a stay during September 2019. At this time, £1 was equal to 37 Thai baht. Not so fun fact: when we visited Thailand in June, just 3 months earlier, £1 was equal to near enough 40 baht.

The worst hospital experience of my life: a Vietnamese trip from hell

July 18, 2019
A holiday from our holiday I should have known our trip to Mui Ne was all gonna go wrong when I was throwing up in the toilets of the coffee shop we stopped off at before our 5 hour bus journey. Feeling close to passing out, I genuinely…
Sign for Back Rub and Foot Rub in dark street

A Thai massage with a happy ending

July 18, 2019
On our last evening in Thailand, we decided to finally go for a Thai massage – it wouldn’t be right to leave without having gotten one! JJ went for the full traditional Thai massage, and I went for a foot and leg massage, as anything else would have killed me.

A day I’ll never forget: Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai

July 5, 2019
Me & JJ both wanted to visit elephants during our trip, so we wanted to make sure we did so in a completely ethical way. Many places in Thailand still offer elephant riding, something which is absolutely not okay. I’ll admit, I didn’t even know it was wrong until about…

My first time visiting a Buddhist temple

June 16, 2019
Wat Chedi Luang Temple We’d spent the first few days of our time in Chiang Mai chilling out, going for food, drinking in bars, and trying to explore the local area. I say trying because my inability to walk very far is making it very difficult, especially in the high…